Invitation to the International Conference “Supernaturalism”, May 20, 2017, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw

15 maj, 2017; Aktualności Konferencje Ogłoszenia

The Humane Philosophy Project and the Department of Philosophy of Culture (IF UW)
invite for the international conference:


The conference will engage the dominant treatments of the human person, and her relation to the world, as well as non-/supernaturalist positions more broadly. Talks will explore the challenges to methodological, ethical, and ontological naturalism and will consider the advantages of non-/supernaturalist positions in these areas. Topics addressed will include metaphysics of the self, the constitution of the human person, the human difference, the sources of morality, the role and the status of religious experience, the epistemological value of religious belief, and the problem of free will.

Date of the conference: 20th of May 2016 (10am – 7pm)
Place: Institute of Philosophy UW, room 4 (ground floor).
The precise program can be found here: Conference programme
dr Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode
dr Agata Łukomska
dr Przemysław Bursztyka